Grigore Gafencu (30 January 1892, Bârlad - 30 January 1957, Paris)

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Welcome to Grigore Gafencu Research Center for the History of International Relations and Cultural Studies

„Grigore Gafencu” Research Center for the History of International Relations and Cultural Studies, funded in 2004, is devoted to the study of the history of the European and extra-European international relations and to cultural studies. It consists of three research units, the Laboratory of History of International Relations, the Laboratory of Archaeology and the Laboratory of Cultural Studies. The Laboratory of History of International Relations develops an area of investigation covered with specialists and young researchers for the period starting from mid-19th century to the beginning of the 21st century. Topics such as Romania’s foreign policy during the 19th and 20th century, Romania’s relations with France, Italy, Spain, Finland, the Baltic states, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Balkan countries, the history of international relations, the history of minorities, the Nansen Commission's activity have been developed in books, articles published in peer-reviewed journals, papers presented at national and international conferences, Ph.D. works. The Laboratory of Archaeology is also enjoying an international recognition particularly in the field of prehistoric archaeology. The Cultural Studies are understood in a broad sense, currently the main research areas being the translation studies in the context of European institutional multilingualism, the penetration of Anglo-Saxon terms in Romanian – between necessity and abuse, the Romanian-French confluences in language, culture and civilization.

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Address: Aleea Sinaia, no. 13, Targoviste, Romania

E-mail: gafencu (at)

Tel: 004 0724403094

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Complexul National Muzeal „Curtea Domneasca” din Targoviste, Centrul de Cercetare a Istoriei Relatiilor Internationale si Studii Culturale „Grigore Gafencu” al Universitatii „Valahia” Targoviste si Facultatea de Istorie si Geografie a Universitatii Pedagogice de Stat ”Ion Creanga” din Chisinau, in parteneriat cu Televiziunea Columna, va invita sa participati, in perioada 12-13 noiembrie 2016, la Simpozionul International Brancoveanu si epoca sa, manifestare organizata la Palatul Brancovenesc de la Potlogi (1698), monumentul cel mai impunator din cadrul Ansamblului Brancovenesc din aceasta localitate.